Pump Sentry is not a backup pump. It is a combination inverter-battery charger, otherwise known as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). It is designed to keep your primary pump operating at peak performance during power outages.

Backup pumps, being secondary systems, typically provide only 30% to 70% of the flow capacity of a primary pump. Pump Sentry converts power from a deep cycle marine battery into usable AC power, maintaining the operation of your sump/sewage pump. This keeps your system’s pumping capacity at 100%. This is especially important during periods of stormy weather.

The pumping ability of a DC backup pump will be greatly reduced as its battery drains. For example, a pump spec’d at 1800 gal./hr. @ 10 feet head may only actually pump 1375 gal./hr. or less, once the battery drops to 11.0 volts.

Pump Sentry installation is easy. Simply mount it to the wall, plug the sump pump into the Pump Sentry, and connect a 12 volt battery. In 15 minutes or less the pump is backed up. No digging or plumbing is required.

Pump Sentry is manufactured, warranted, and serviced in the U.S.A.

The 822PS and 1622PS battery backups are available from our website or
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