Pump Sentry™ for sump pumps comes in two sizes (power ratings). The 822PS is the smaller of the two, good for pumps drawing up to 9A of current, and the 1622PS will work for pumps drawing up to 14A. In order to make a proper selection, it is important to ascertain the electrical ratings of your sump pump, or at least determine its make and model number which would lead to establishing its ratings.

Pump Sentry™ will allow you to add emergency electrical backup to an existing main sump pump without the need to install an additional pump or make changes to the sump pit. This is a quick and easy do-it-yourself type of installation – no cutting, no gluing and no mechanical reinforcement.

Prior to making the Pump Sentry selection, consideration should be given to the condition and age of the existing pump. Here is why:

Most notable sump pump manufacturers currently produce energy efficient versions of their older models. These efficient models provide equivalent pumping capacities. To illustrate, there are 1/3 Hp. pumps in the market, all of which pump approximately 3500 gallons per hour to a height of 10 feet. Yet, the current draw will vary from model to model anywhere from 3.8A to 9.7A of current. An analogous statement can be made pertaining to ½ horsepower pumps. Our pumps of interest are energy efficient models which draw less than 7A.

Why is this important?

Reason #1: When the decision to install a battery backup is made, one of the goals is to maximize the backup pumping time with a given battery. Naturally the more current that is drawn from the system the shorter will be the backup time. An energy efficient pump will maximize this time by a significant amount.

Reason #2: If you have an energy efficient pump, the 822PS Pump Sentry model would be adequate to perform well in your installation. But if you have an energy guzzling pump (>9A) then the 1622PS would be required. The difference in cost alone between the two models would most likely be greater than the cost of installing an energy efficient pump.

The 822PS and 1622PS battery backups are available from our website or
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