Model UTC2412GD



24 VDC Input
12 VDC Output

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Made in USA

p>UTC 2412GD is an electrical interface that accepts a 24 Volt seven wire input and converts it into a corresponding 12 Volt 7 wire output. UTC 2412GD is an OEM component intended for installation and hard wiring into a trailer. It provides 6 independent circuits capable of supplying a total power of 800 Watts at 12 Volts. UTC 2412GD is compact and lightweight at only 15 pounds excluding the weight of its integral input and output cables. It has a flat profile allowing mounting to be practical in various sections of a trailer.

Corrosion resistance tested per ASTM B 117.

Input #1

7 Wire Cable

  • 24 Volts
  • Hard Wired



7 Wire Cable

  • 12 Volts
  • Hard Wired



Weight 18 lbs
Packaging Dimensions 29 × 16 × 7 in