Battery Back Up
For WELL Pumps

3 kW Capacity

Model 952 Well Pump Sentry maintains well pump operation during power outages. Model 952 is a self-contained emergency backup system designed to drive single phase 220 VAC to 240 VAC well pumps rated up to one horsepower.

The 952 system is comprised of an inverter, power transfer switch, and a 3 stage automatic battery charger. Power input connections to the 952 Well Pump Sentry consist of an AC voltage input from the utility and a DC voltage input from a battery bank. The 952 Well Pump Sentry may be mounted horizontally or vertically and will energize pump motors having configurations of two or three wires.

In the absence of utility power the 952 Well Pump Sentry may provide several days’ supply of well water until its battery bank is depleted. Upon utility power reinstatement, the charger in the 952 replenishes the battery bank in readiness for the next power outage. Model 952 operates unattended. It makes transitions between utility and stand by power automatically, requiring no manual intervention.


  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • Power Output Indicator
  • Battery Charge State Indicators
  • Battery Replace Indicator
  • 23A Start Current Capacity (3 seconds)
  • Low battery audible alarm
  • Battery Cables Included
  • For Wall Mount or Surface Mount Installation
  • 2 year Factory Warranty
  • Made and Serviced in the USA


  • Operates 230 VAC; 50/60Hz Well Pumps
  • Instant Automatic Power Transfer
  • Supports Full Pump Capacity
  • Easily Installs Next to Electrical Panel
  • Silent and Clean Operation

Compatible With

  • Well Pumps up to
  • 1 HP capacity
  • Sine Wave Output
  • Compatible with 24V Battery Bank